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Jacqueline Jones has been teaching at Ganesha High School for 22 years. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and a Master of Sciencedegree in Educational Technology.  Ms. Jones currently teaches Accounting, Technology Education, and Multi-Media.  Ms. Jones is the Ganesha Yearbook Advisor

Ron Pullen has been teaching at Ganesha High School for 20 years. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and a Master of Science Degree in Public School Administration. Mr. Pullen currently teaches Technology Education, and Business Technologies, as well as AVID1 and AVID2 
Dwayne Yamato  has been teaching at Ganesha High School for 17 years. He has a Bachelor of Education degree in Physical Education and a Master of Science degree in Educational Technology.  Mr. Yamato currently teaches Health and Technology Education.

Technology   Education 21st Century

The   students will 

  •   Learn how to browse the Internet and to conduct effective   research
  •   Create Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint documents
  •   enhance their keyboarding skills
  •   Present multi-media presentations
  •   Create/share/upload Google docs 
  •   Identify and practice Internet safety practices



This is a semester course

Accounting   1

The   Students will

  •   Record journal entries
  •   Write checks and prepare bank reconciliations
  •   Prepare payroll
  •   Post to the general ledger
  •   Prepare financial statements


This course is articulated with 3 Mt. SAC's accounting courses.  Students can earn up to 11 CSU transferrable college credits


This is a year-long course


The students will

  • use a variety of software and Web 2.0 tools and open source digital production applications

  • use scanners, video recorders, and digital cameras to integrate graphics into software applications.

  • the school yearbook is produced in this class.


Multimedia Technology is a project-based course offering in-depth instruction on the use of web-based programs and applications.


This is a year-long course

Business Technologies

The  students will

  •   improve keyboarding skills to a minimum of 35 wpm
  •   identify how technology is used to communicate in business
  •   Identify career aptitutudes and research trends in careers
  • become proficient in Microsoft Office10 suite of programs


This course is articulated with Mt SAC's CIS15  Students can earn up to 3 CSU transferrable college credits


This is a year-long course