Grand opening of the ESPORTS Room and Wellness Center at Ganesha High School

The addition of an ESPORTS room indicates a recognition of the growing popularity and importance of electronic sports, providing students with a space to engage in competitive gaming and potentially fostering teamwork, strategic thinking, and digital skills.

The Wellness Center is also a wonderful addition, highlighting the school's commitment to the overall well-being of its students. Wellness Centers often offer resources and support for mental health, physical health, and stress management, contributing to a more holistic educational environment.

It's particularly noteworthy that there's a partnership with Pacific Clinics, suggesting a collaborative effort to provide comprehensive support to students. This collaboration could bring additional resources and expertise to address various aspects of student health and well-being.

Congratulations to Ganesha High School on these new additions, and best wishes for the positive impact they will have on the students and the entire school community!


ESPORTS and Wellness Center Grand Opening at Ganesha HS 11/15/23