Ganesha's College & Career Center!

Welcome to Ganesha's College & Career Center!!
We're here to help with your Next Step
Our names are Ms. Ortega & Mr. Garcia. We are prepared and so excited to help our Ganesha Students.
From a summer job to committing to a college we help with both and so much in between. We plan and assist with College Tours, Career Training, Trade School, Summer Internships and Programs, Job Information and Preparation, and Work Permits. We even keep an open print center in our room for students' use.
Check out our monthly event calendar in our Center or keep up with events and alumni opportunities by following our Instagram      @nextstepswithganesha
Contact us for any questions or advice. We also work with our Independent Studies Students!
Come on campus to get information or access resources that can benefit you.
Our Office hours are Monday through Friday
(excluding holidays and planned events)
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
                                You can contact us by Calling or Emailing us:                                        
Stephanie Ortega (909)397-4400 ext:30131        [email protected]
Ethan Garcia (909)397-4400 ext:30420        [email protected]
College Information:
Job Search and Tips:
If we are in the office you are always welcome to come in.
Big or Small Let us help with your Next Step