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Student Store

Student Store Purchases

The following items may be purchased at the student store during registration and throughout the school year: cash or money order only.

  • PE Uniforms $30 ($15 shirt / $15 shorts)
  • Locks $10
  • ASB Card $40
  • Yearbook $90 ($80 w/ASB card)
  • Student ID Card Free 
  • Student ID Replacement fee $5.00

    ****Prices are subject to change****

The ASB Card entitles you to free entrance at various athletic events, as well as, discounts to some school activities such as dances. You can pay yourself back just by attending 5 football games. All Ganesha athletes, ASB officers, commissioners andcheerleaders should purchase an ASB card. Proceeds from ASB cards help pay for sports officials, certificates, awards, trophies, patches and varsity letters given to student-athletes. Student-athletes who
fail to purchase an ASB card will not receive these awards/honors at the end of the season unless they have purchased their ASB card.

Student I.D. Cards

Students MUST CARRY ID cards at all times while in school and must show it when requested by school personnel. Replacement ID's cost $5.00 at the Student Store.

Hall Passes

Student will be issued a vest as a hall pass. All students are required to properly wear the vest. Other hall passes issued to the student must be in the possession of the student during class time. The hall pass must include the date, time and destination of the student.

Student Parking

Students are not to park in staff parking lots; only in those designated for student use. All bicycles are to be parked in the bicycle racks and locked.